Guangdong Rgood Tools Co., Ltd is a company specializing in research & development of lithium battery garden & agricultural tools. It belongs to Guangzhou Real Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd, abbreviated as REAL, which was established in 2005. REAL Company, specialized in traditional gardening and agricultural machines, has been focusing on high-end markets in China and abroad for about 20 years, and its products are widely recognized by the market.


With the continuous rise of lithium battery tools, Real also started the research and development of lithium battery products. In 2018, it established the brand Kereal, and its lithium battery products began to be sold in China. With the continuous maturity of these products, in 2020, the brand Rgood was established and began to focus on overseas markets. In recent years, the L1204 and L2108 series lithium battery chainsaws developed and produced by Rgood have been well received by customers, and have their own agents in Australia and Europe.


The L2108 series products are Rgood’s flagship chainsaws, including L2108, L2108B, L2108C and L2108D. As one of the developers of this series of products, the L2108 series products have undoubtedly become the benchmark for similar products in terms of workmanship, quality, and stability.


At the same time, Rgood has in-depth cooperation with South Korea’s KM Grand Company and continues to develop new products to meet market needs. In addition, most of Rgood’s batteries and battery packs use first-line high-end brand batteries, including Japanese Sony, Korean Samsung, Taiwan MOLICEL, China EVE and so on.

At present, the lithium battery products exported by Rgood include brush cutters/grass trimmers, chain saws, hedge trimmers, leaf and snow blowers, earth augers, etc. Later on, Rgood will also develop lithium battery agricultural machinery. Hopefully, those machines will come into the market in the near future.



For all the gardening workers worldwide


To make outstanding garden tools


Always price & quality oriented


Keep an innovative and developed mind


Homelike pre & after-sales service


Improve products from feedbacks


Since the launch of our first intelligent lithium battery brush cutter/grass trimmer in 2019, Rgood has been dedicated to creating simple, practical, and intelligent products. We have continuously expanded our product line to include chain saws, leaf & snow blowers, hedge trimmers, earth augers, and so on. Our goal is to meet the diverse and personalized needs of consumers in gardening and farming management.

At Rgood, we believe in the power of intelligent technology. Our intelligent lithium battery products are designed to be more user-friendly and convenient compared to traditional gasoline gardening and farming tools. With our products, you can enjoy a hassle-free gardening experience while contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.

Looking ahead, Rgood is committed to creating a comprehensive one-stop service for garden management. Through our “Rgood lithium power supply & multi-scene garden application & Rgood ALOT cloud management” platform, we aim to provide a seamless and integrated solution for all your gardening needs. We believe that this approach will not only enhance the efficiency of garden machinery products but also contribute to the ongoing energy reform.

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