Background of electric garden tools industry

At present, the development of electric garden tools industry is increasingly characterized by standardization, serialization, intelligence, flexibility and precision. After China’s entry into WTO, the global manufacturing center is transferred to China, and domestic and foreign electric garden tool manufacturers have seized the Chinese market. The competition in the electric garden tool manufacturing industry is becoming more and more urgent. Successful use of information technology to promote electric garden tool enterprises to improve market response speed, increase production flexibility and strengthen cost control, so as to enable enterprises to calmly deal with the more fierce competitive environment and improve their competitiveness.

Electric garden tools enterprises are mainly engaged in single piece and small batch production, and the process of products often changes. Therefore, they need to make a good plan. Enterprises also organize production according to orders. It is difficult to predict when orders will come. Therefore, according to the production management characteristics of electric garden tools industry, we have formulated an enterprise information solution with production and manufacturing management as the core and user demand as the guide, so as to timely grasp the dynamics of outsourcing manufacturers, reasonably control inventory and optimize production scheduling, Strictly control the delivery date and fully grasp the capital flow of the enterprise.


Industry characteristics:

The products are produced according to the order (contract), the product structure, manufacturing process is complex, there are many parts, and there are both outsourcing and self-made. The trend of product design according to customer needs is increasing, and the products are updated quickly. The product structure is clear, the process route is flexible, and the coordination of manufacturing resources is difficult. There are many kinds and large quantities of inventories, and the tasks of cost accounting, production plan formulation and production task management are heavy. There are a large number of consumables in the production process. Pay attention to the control of material purchase price.


Analysis of industry management problems:

1. Delivery date control: because of order receiving production, the management of product delivery date is the focus of management, and it is often difficult for enterprises to accurately grasp the delivery date.

2. Users often insert or change orders. Enterprises that produce according to orders cannot reasonably arrange procurement and strictly control the delivery date.

3. The purchase process cannot be controlled, and when and what materials should be delivered cannot be controlled, resulting in the failure to implement the production plan and the failure to effectively manage suppliers. Moreover, it is difficult to keep the purchase price, amount and sales price confidential to the operators at the middle and lower levels of management.

4. Outsourcing processing management: many parts in the electric garden tool industry are outsourced or out-asistant, so it is necessary to systematically and effectively manage the outsourced and suppliers. In fact, enterprises often have a disconnection in the management of outsourcing or outsourcing manufacturers, and the quality and price of the products provided by outsourcing or outsourcing suppliers cannot be effectively analyzed.

5. The product structure is clear, the process route is flexible, the coordination of manufacturing resources is difficult, and the formulation of production plan and the management of production tasks are heavy.

6. Due to the characteristics of the industry, there are many product parts and auxiliary materials, so it is difficult for the warehouse keeper to master the inventory quantity, storage location, temporary material receiving and returning and in and out of various parts. The manual account book of the warehouse is difficult to maintain, and the enterprise cannot grasp the inventory information in time and accurately. There are many kinds and large quantities of inventory. It is also a heavy task for cost accounting, production plan formulation and production task management, and the operation cost of the enterprise is high.

7. There are a large number of consumables, so the expense cannot be accurately allocated manually, and the cost information is inaccurate.

8. BOM changes frequently, but cannot effectively reach the production phase. It is difficult for the production phase to manage products produced according to different versions of BOM.

9. Multi variety medium and small batch production makes the speed of cost accounting slow, and the adjustment of product price and the response to the market lag.

10. Product quality management is widely valued, but the information means of quality control is backward.

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