Development of lithium garden tools industry

The problem of fuel tools makes electric tools have more prominent features.

1, No pollution to the environment, low noise, light weight and zero emission.
2, Energy conservation and energy diversification and comprehensive utilization.
3, The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance and use and cost saving.

Taking the lithium hedge trimmer machine as an example, the electricity charge is 1 dollar a day, while the fuel garden tools need about 5 dollar a day. While protecting the environment, it greatly saves the cost.
In recent years, due to the solution of lithium battery technology, electric tools have become a choice to solve energy and environmental problems, and lithium tools have also developed rapidly.

According to the current situation analysis and Development Prospect Research Report of China industrial survey network 2018-2025 on China’s electric garden tool industry, in recent years, Chinese governments at all levels have attached great importance to urban greening, with the wide participation of the whole society, and the upsurge of urban greening. Since then, the landscaping industry has entered a period of vigorous development. The relevant supporting policies for the garden tool industry of lithium battery assembly equipment will be gradually improved, and the domestic demand market is expected to continue to expand. At the same time, the competition in the domestic lithium battery garden tool market will be more intense. A group of regional leaders with leading technology and outstanding advantages will become bigger and stronger through mergers and acquisitions, and become leading enterprises in the country and even the world.

From the current social development, lithium battery spot welding machine produces lithium new energy and environmental protection products that are very popular. At present, the main consumer markets of Chinese garden tools are concentrated in Europe and the United States. According to statistics, Western Europe, Russia and other countries have the fastest demand for gardens, and the market scale is huge. For example, although Russia’s economic situation is not good in the short term, it still maintains a compound annual growth rate of 2% in 2019. It will reach about 97 billion rubles a year; In Western European countries, only British consumers spend £ 5 billion on gardening. The strong demand in the international market has kept the garden tool industry stable, but the demand in China has also increased a lot.

The downstream industries of lithium garden tools are mainly public gardens, logging and family maintenance, mainly including brand owners, large supermarkets, traders and specialty stores. With the improvement of people’s living standards and the enhancement of green environmental protection awareness, there is an increasing demand for park construction and family maintenance, which makes the garden tool industry have a better development prospect.

But there are still many that are unfamiliar to most garden enterprises and workers,

So how to choose lithium battery tools to meet the demand and spend less money?

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