How to choose farming machines

Most of the agricultural machines are specially designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of agriculture and the special requirements of various operations, such as soil tillage machinery, independent planting and fertilization machinery, plant protection machinery, crop harvesting machinery, animal husbandry machinery and agricultural product processing machinery.

1 . Common small agricultural machinery and equipment can be divided into the following types:

(1) power machinery – machinery that provides power for various agricultural machinery and agricultural facilities. Agricultural power machinery mainly includes internal combustion engines and tractors equipped with internal combustion engines, as well as motors, wind turbines, water turbines and various small generator sets. Diesel engine has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, good fuel economy, reliable operation and good fire safety. It is most widely used in agricultural internal combustion engines and tractors. Gasoline engine is characterized by light weight, good low-temperature starting performance and smooth operation. According to the situation of regional fuel supply, gas engines with natural gas, petroleum associated gas, liquefied petroleum gas and generator gas as fuel can also be used according to local conditions. After modification, diesel and gasoline engines can also burn gaseous fuels such as gas, or double fuel internal combustion engines that burn gas and are ignited by diesel as agricultural power machinery.

(2) Construction machinery – farmland construction machinery is used for farmland construction, such as land leveling, terrace and platform construction, ditch excavation, pipeline laying and water well drilling. Among them, bulldozers, graders, scrapers, excavators, loaders, rock drills and other earth and rock machinery are basically the same as those used in road and construction projects, but most (except rock drills) are used together with agricultural tractors, which is easy to connect, so as to improve the utilization rate of power. Other farmland construction machinery mainly include trencher, rat plough, shovel and spreader, water well drilling rig, etc.

(3) Farming machinery

Basic soil tillage machinery is the machinery used to plough, loosen or deeply loosen and crush the soil, including birch plow, disc plow, chisel plow and rotary cultivator.

(4) Planting machinery

According to different planting objects and technological processes, planting machinery can be divided into three categories: planter, planter and seedling planter.

(5) protection of machinery

Plant protection machinery is used to protect crops and agricultural products from diseases, insects, birds, animals, weeds and other hazards. It usually refers to all kinds of machinery spraying pesticides to prevent plant diseases and pests by chemical or physical methods, as well as machinery and equipment used to remove weeds by chemical or physical methods, prevent diseases and pests by physical methods, and drive away birds and animals. Plant protection machinery mainly includes spray, powder spraying and smoke spraying machinery.

(6) Drainage and irrigation machinery

Farmland drainage and irrigation machinery is used for irrigation and drainage operations such as farmland, poor garden and pasture, including water pump, hydraulic pump, sprinkler irrigation equipment and drip irrigation equipment.

(7) Harvesting machinery

Crop harvesting machinery includes various machinery used to collect various crops or agricultural products. The harvesting methods and machines used for different crops are different.

(8) processing machinery

Agricultural products processing machinery includes the preliminary processing of harvested agricultural products or collected poultry and livestock products, as well as some mechanical equipment for deep processing with agricultural products as raw materials. The processed products are easy to store, transport and sell for direct consumption or as industrial raw materials. Different agricultural products have different processing requirements and processing characteristics. The same agricultural product can get different finished products through different processing processes. Therefore, there are many varieties of agricultural products processing machinery, including grain drying equipment, grain processing machinery, oil processing machinery, cotton processing machinery, hemp peeling machinery, tea primary and refining machinery, fruit processing machinery, dairy processing machinery, seed processing equipment and starch making equipment. In order to realize continuous operation and operation automation between various processes, multiple processing machines in front and back processes are often combined into processing units, processing rooms or comprehensive processing plants.

(9) Animal husbandry machinery

Animal husbandry machinery is a variety of mechanical equipment used in the production process of grazing, house raising poultry and animal husbandry. Common include grassland maintenance and improvement machinery, pasture management equipment, forage and green feed harvesting machinery, feed processing machinery, feeding management machinery, etc.


2. Problems needing attention when selecting agricultural machinery:

(1) practicability

Different agricultural machinery and equipment will have different use effects due to the difference of use environment. Even if the same agricultural machinery is selected, different models should be selected according to different geographical environment and crop conditions.

(2) Durability

Compared with other machinery, agricultural machinery needs better durability to adapt to the complex geographical environment such as farmland and stubble field.

(3) Simplicity

Generally speaking, the operation of agricultural machinery does not require a high level of education. The simple function and operation are not only convenient for their own use, but also convenient for the repair, rental and transfer of agricultural machinery.

(4) social stickers for the purchase of agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery purchase subsidy, also known as agricultural machinery purchase subsidy, refers to the subsidy given by the state to individual farmers, farm workers, agricultural machinery specialized households and agricultural machinery operation service organizations directly engaged in agricultural production to purchase and update agricultural machinery required for agricultural production. The purpose is to promote the improvement of Agricultural Mechanization level and agricultural production efficiency. All regions now have agricultural machinery subsidy projects Before purchasing agricultural machinery, the corresponding information of agricultural machinery subsidies should be on the local government website to optimize the selection of agricultural machinery purchase, so as to further reduce the cost.

(5) Local use of agricultural machinery

Understand the local use of agricultural machinery, rent and transfer agricultural machinery, further maximize the use value of agricultural machinery, and contribute to the repair and maintenance of machinery.

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