How to use micro tiller correctly to improve work efficiency?

Although the new equipment of micro cultivator agricultural equipment is not long, it has been used many times and functions. Therefore, New users may lead to equipment problems in use. Therefore, we should avoid the following misoperation and master the correct method of operating the equipment. Improve work efficiency and prolong equipment service time.


Using agricultural  mini cultivator

1. It is also wrong to use water to cool down the micro cultivator during operation. At this time, the cylinder is in a state of high temperature and high pressure. If cold water is used to cool down suddenly, the cylinder liner will shrink suddenly. If it is light, the cylinder liner will be pulled, and if it is heavy, the cylinder liner will be broken.

2. When the cover of the oil tank of the micro cultivator leaks oil, it is wrong to seal it with film paper. Because this will reduce the pressure in the oil tank, reduce the oil supply, make the engine smoke and lack of power.
3. After the sealing gaskets at the oil inlet and outlet of the micro cultivator are damaged, they are not placed carefully during reinstallation, resulting in poor sealing effect or blocking the inlet and outlet, ranging from oil leakage to non circulation of oil, so that the crankshaft and coupling can not be effectively lubricated.

4. Before using the micro tiller, check whether the screws at all parts of the micro tiller body are tightened. If the screws are loose, go back and insert them firmly. This is wrong. Because many accessories are made of aluminum alloy, and the hardness of aluminum alloy is insufficient, if you screw it hard, it will cause wire drawing.

5. The use of cheap low-quality fuel will not only make the machine lack of power, but also accelerate the wear of oil pump and core sleeve in the long run.

Agricultural equipment can help farmers improve the speed and quality of busy farming operations. Therefore, if you are also engaged in agricultural work, perhaps the micro cultivator mentioned in this article may be your right-hand assistant in your work.

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