Becuase of using the same Panasonic 21700 battery as Tesla,  thus making the  battery pack  very reliable with long lasting working hours.  People can use it under different working conditions. 

Rgood battery pack is installed with Samsung 21700 battery cell


The quality of cell determines the quality of the battery. Using the same Panasonic 21700 battery as Tesla, the consistency and safety are further improved, and it can maintain high efficiency and stability from -10 C to 45 C.
The battery capacity is about 35% higher than that of ordinary 18650 battery, and the weight of battery with the same voltage is about 10% lower than that of ordinary 18650 battery.


Battery grading is to screen the batteries according to their capacity and performa- nce. Only the most similar grade batteries can be assembled as a battery pack. Researches show that even a single battery can charge and discharge 1000 times, but when they assembled as a battery pack and without the protection of the balanced equipment, the battery pack can only do it 200 times. Thus it is very important to pick the same batteris in a battery pack.


This step is to welding every single battery into a battery pack. The battery capacity is about 35% higher than that of ordinary 18650 battery, and the weight of battery with the same voltage is about 10% lower than that of ordinary 18650 battery. The aluminum wire only allows current to flow within the set range. When the temperature of a cell is too high, the induction aluminum wire will fuse to protect the battery.


Each Kereal battery pack goes through strict charging and discharging test, thus to make sure the battery pack safe and high performance. Result shows the failure rate of Kereal battery pack is very low. Besides, the battery pack can fully charge and discharge for 600-800 times without breaking down. Only stable and powerful battery can support the motor working efficiently.


Features of the charger:

1. Advanced constant current charging, PIC software detects the power and controls the PWM        output to increase the charging speed without damaging the battery.

2. Real-time detection of battery status during charging, with functions such as temperature compensation, reverse connection protection, and automatic shutdown when fully charged.

3. The design of intelligent indicator light and display screen can grasp the charging status and charging voltage in real time. Intelligent display indicator which is convenience to monitor charging status and power supply.

4. With dual USB output ports, it is suitable for various mobile devices. Dual USB hub, perfect for devices charging.



The Kereal products apply with brand new intelligent motor controller and DSP grogram, which offer low voltage and exceed current protection. In meanwhile buffer start, forward,reverse function, speed control and avariety of intelligent functions make the product forward to next generation.

All Kereal machines are designed for professional market. Great quality reputation comes from more than 13 years market experience. The advantage product development system is contributed by experienced engineers and production management.  

The speed of brushless motor will not go down even for years with proper maintenance Without the brush, the wear of the brushless motor is mainly on the bearing. From a mechanical point of view, the brushless motor is almost a maintenance-free motor. When necessary, only need to do some dust removal maintenance.

The motor speed will not be affected by the battery because of damping. Even using a 3 years used battery pack can well support the function of the brushless motor. With a electric brushless motor, the machine is more environmental, quiet and sustainable. This is also what Kereal aims to do.

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